10 Maltese Haircuts & Hairstyles


10 Maltese Haircuts & Hairstyles: White, Fluffy, and Looking Fabulous!

There are a few different types of haircuts that are often bestowed upon Maltese. We’ll cover some of the most common cuts, along with other ideas for prettying up your pooch!

1. Show Cut aka Standard Cut

maltese show cut

Long coat, often used in dog shows. Elegant, silky fur. It may seem surprising that a Maltese’s curly locks could ever straighten out, but after the fur gets longer, the weight can often straighten the fur and stabilize waves.

Traditionally, a Maltese’s show coat should nearly touch the floor. It’s common for long coat Maltese to have their head hair long as well, but it’s also fine to put your Maltese’s face fur in a single or double top knot. Alternatively, the fur can also be left to hand on the side of the dog’s face.

This cut can be quite a bit of work to maintain, and should only be worn by dogs who have owners with plenty of time to spare grooming.

2. Puppy Cut

This cut is named the “Puppy Cut” because it’s commonly found on puppies, whose fur is still growing and hasn’t reached a full length. However, this cut is great for adult Maltese as well, especially because it’s easier to maintain than a traditional standard cut, and is pretty darn cute!

maltese puppy cut

For this cut, the Maltese’s fur is clipped the same length across their body, face, ears, tail, etc. Most owners opt for between 1/4 inch – 1 inch. It’s simple as that!

For most owners, the big choices will be between the puppy cut or the show cut. One is cute, easy-to-maintain, and short. The other involves long fur, looks elegant, but is lots of work to keep up with!

3. Maltese Bob Cut

maltese bob cut

The Maltese bob cut is actually not so different from a human bob cut. The dog’s head hair is parted down in the middle and allowed to grow longer (along with the ear fur), while the rest of the body hair is kept in a short cut.

This is a pretty cute and easy style, making it a popular one for owners!

4. Groomed Ears

You can do all kinds of fun things with your Maltese’s ears, but make sure to be gentle and careful since the ears are very delicate, thin, and easy to damage.

maltese haircuts

5. Top Knot

A top knot can be done with basically any Maltese haircut, so long as the head hair is left long enough.

top knot maltese

6. Add a Bow Tie!

Bow ties are a great way to add some flash to your dog’s fur.

bow tie

7.Put a Bow in The Hair

Bow ties for the boys, hair bows for the ladies.

maltese hair bow

8. Go Ultra Long & Fancy

long fancy hair maltese

9. Long and Beautiful Braids

maltese braids

10. Snip-It Super Short For Summer!

This hairstyle is ultra short. Short fur can be great for keeping cool in the summer. However, try not to trim too short, as if the fur isn’t long enough, you could put your pup at risk for sunburns.

If you can see your dog’s skin beneath the fur, you may need to invest in dog sunscreen to keep your canine safe.


Source: k9ofmine

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